Preparations for L’ Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped

Since mid-July, construction works for Christo’s wrapping of the Parisian monument L’Arc de Triomphe have been ongoing. The temporary artwork is being realized posthumously according to the artist’s exact ideas. Its Christos and Jeanne-Claudes legacy – for decades the artist couple planned the wrapping of the famous Arc de Triomphe. In 2019, schlaich bergermann partner worked with Christo on the realization of the project and developed the structural concept. Currently, sbp is supervising the execution of the work on site together with Christo’s team. 

Steel truss structures are being installed in front of the statues, cornices and ornaments so that the fabric and ropes can be attached to the Arc de Triomphe and secured against wind loads. They are necessary to protect the landmark and indicate the shape of the iconic symbol while wrapped under the fabric. The corner pieces and wooden boxes are used to secure the prestressed cables. A support grid of cantilever beams is being installed on the roof at the moment, which will later be used to suspend the fabric.


The entire substructure must be completed by September 11, when the fabric for the actual wrapping is going to be delivered. During the entire construction phase, Arc de Triomphe will remain open to the public. The wrapped monument can be visited from September 18 to October 3, 2021.