#5_IngD4C: Olympic Aquatics Centre

Main topic of the fifth symposium #5_IngD4C will focus on design and building materials with a low carbon footprint. An introduction will be followed by a discussion on the significance and purpose of life cycle assessment. Ideas and discussions on carbon-efficient structures, the future of modern clay construction, efficient concrete structures and the evolution of lightweight construction are then presented. Along with current projects by engineers from Germany, other well-known panelists will enrich the dialogue on future issues in the construction industry and involve the audience.

Science and civil engineering are our foundations. Sustainability must be our goal. We are shaping our future together. What is already possible today and and where will future trends guide to?

Andreas Pfadler will present the Olympic Aquatics Center in Saint-Denis, which will open for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

Further information on the program and registration is available here.