Spectacular Glass Roof Unveiled in Porto Alegre

We are delighted about the inauguration of the 4000 m² glass roof for the Santa Casa de Misericórdia hospital in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Known as “Rua da Saúde”, the roof spans over the courtyard of the hospital complex and is composed of 1647 glass panels.

The opening of this remarkable glass roof coincided with the celebration of Santa Casa’s 220th anniversary. Santa Casa, an important institution overseeing multiple buildings, includes an internal street named “Rua da Saúde,” which lent its name to this new architectural feature. Beyond providing shelter, this innovative glass roof also creates a space for relaxation and social activities for the hospital’s users.


Its free-form design harmoniously blends with the surrounding environment. The structural framework comprises a steel construction covered with glass, utilizing a triangular grid layout. The roof’s support relies on a total of 14 key points, with horizontal loads primarily sustained by the impluvium support points, M-shaped braces, and V-shaped columns. An extensive process of geometric and structural optimization during the design phase resulted in this exceptionally slender and unique structural design.

The inauguration event took place at the newly designed Praça Alexandre Grendene, now the central hub of the hospital complex, spanning 1800 m² and adorned with lush vegetation and furnishings, creating a high-quality recreational space.. The glass roof of Rua da Saúde not only plays a crucial role in the modernization of Santa Casa de Misericórdia but also promises to become an iconic landmark for the city of Porto Alegre.