July 19, 2024

Competition win for bridges in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler

In 2021, the town of Bad Neuenahr was hit hard by the flood disaster. In addition to many buildings, almost all of the bridges in the town were destroyed. A competition was therefore announced for the redesign of the riverside promenade and the reconstruction of two destroyed bridges. In collaboration with the landscape architects from Atelier Loidl, our office prevailed in a two-stage process against a total of 13 competitors in the first round and then 5 other teams in the second round.

The judges praised our outstanding concept, in which the two approximately 40-metre-long bridges are designed according to the respective requirements and topography and differ significantly in their appearance. The overall design for the riverside area offers a well thought-out solution that not only meets the functional requirements, but is also aesthetically pleasing and sustainable.

The goal of the urban design is to redevelop the area between the health resort center and the city center of Bad Neuenahr, in which the Ahr riverbed runs. The Ahrboulevard and the Kurgarten Promenade are central elements and will be connected via the new “Kurgarten Bridge” and “Casino Bridge”. A riverside path offers barrier-free access to the river and invites people to relax by the water. The promenades, steps and the two bridges blend harmoniously and seamlessly into the surrounding landscape. 

Both structures are designed for durability and low maintenance, incorporating elements such as recyclable steel and Corten steel, and limiting the use of concrete. Plans also include evaluating and optimizing emissions through detailed lifecycle analyses to promote a sustainable approach.


Kurgarten Bridge

The Kurgarten Bridge is designed as a deck bridge with a substructure, allowing for a seamless continuation of the Kurgarten Promenade. The bridge is low-maintenance, as the steel hollow box only needs corrosion protection on the exterior. Both the choice of materials and the design reflect a clear, functional aesthetic that takes flood protection into account and minimizes the maintenance and upkeep of the bridge.


Casino Bridge

In contrast, the Casino Bridge provides a functional connection at ground level between the riverbanks and can be raised in the event of flooding using a hydraulic drive.  As a trough bridge with integrated railings, the supporting structure is efficient and robust. The lifting mechanism is located in easily accessible abutment chambers, facilitating maintenance and operation.