Under construction: Frankfurt Airport train to Terminal 3

The project at Frankfurt Airport to connect the new Terminal 3 to the existing ones is making progress. A new line of in total of 5.6 km length is being built on two parallel tracks for the direct connection between the terminals. schlaich bergermann partner is responsible for the detailed design of the northern track, which is being built as an elevated bridge.


This 2.4 km long section consists of several single-span and multiple-span girders using pre-stressed concrete and composite construction method. Two cranes place the girders precisely into their position in a tandem lift. In the summer of 2020, the first section of the double track was completed, each with a composite girder of 106 m in length. For this, the two approx. 30 m long side span steel-girders were first lifted and placed on the jacks. The central girder was then lifted into place and the three elements were joined together with bolted connections. In the next step, the girder was put into its final position by lowering the jacks. By now the track slab on this section of the line has also been concreted. By the beginning of march, the next girders will be installed. Piece by piece, the line on which the new passenger transport system will operate from fall 2023 between the terminals at Frankfurt Airport is constantly growing.