Bright lights in Hamburg’s Hafencity

The metro station “Elbbrücken” was officially opened last week in Hamburg, Germany. Hamburger Hochbahn, the operator of the city’s underground system, celebrated the launch with an impressive light show that attracted many spectators and bathed the structure in colorful light. schlaich bergermann partner designed the “Elbbrücken” station together with the architects of gmp von Gerkan, Marg und Partner. The steel-glass structure is a true eye-catcher, both from an architectural as well as an engineering point of view. Located near the Elbbrücken, the design picks up the theme of their truss arches and reinterprets it in form of a diamond-shaped external structure.

When designing the structure, one of the rather challenging aspects was the station’s position above a street. Answering to this, the “Elbbrücken” station was designed to span over the street in form of a bridge. To allow passengers to cross tracks inside the station’s glass hall, a delicate steel structure with stairs and elevators was planned, resting on two tree columns. Passengers are going to be able to use this overpass to reach the connecting bridge / skywalk, a glass tube, which will link the underground and S-Bahn stations in the future.

The new stop of the U4 line already provides an important transport link for south-eastern part of Hamburg’s Hafencity quarter. We congratulate all those involved in the project’s successful completion and look forward to also realizing the S-Bahn station with gmp.