Christo reveals Mastaba for London

New York artist Christo officially announced this week his plans for a new project in London’s Hyde Park. The Mastaba for London is a 20-meter-high sculpture consisting of 7506 colored barrels that will float on Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park. schlaich bergermann partner has been working with the artist for quite some time and is also responsible for the structural design here.

Preparations began back in 2016 with the technical planning as well as the trial assembly of a smaller prototype. The project is scheduled to officially open in June 2018, coinciding with a major exhibition at the Serpentine Galleries featuring the work of Christo and Jeanne-Claude.

Christo and Jeanne-Claude have been working with sculptures made from steel drums for many years. One of the artist’s ongoing projects is the Mastaba in Abu Dhabi, a 150-meter-high sculpture made of more than 400,000 barrels. schlaich bergermann partner is also part of the project team here for the technical concept and installation consulting.