Competition success for a wooden bridge in Tuttlingen

Together with Birk Heilmeyer and Frenzel Architekten, schlaich bergermann partner won the competition for a new wooden bridge in Tuttlingen in the south of Baden-Württemberg. Our design envisions a simply elegant wood-concrete composite bridge whose design visually extends the course of the Rathausgasse across the river.

The existing Rathausbrücke is an important pedestrian and bicycle connection across the Danube between the residential areas in the north into downtown Tuttlingen. Since the currently existing wooden bridge from 1982 represents a bottleneck in terms of urban development, a new replacement structure is being planned for it. In addition to the competition for the realization of the bridge, an ideas section was also announced, which is to ensure barrier-free access to the city center from the bridge in the future.

The new bridge body convinces with an innovative, semi-integral supporting structure and a material-appropriate use of steel, wood and concrete. With the required width of 6 meters and a length of 56.4 meters, the result is a generous connecting structure that finds a suitable language through the clever combination of wood and steel to blend in with its natural surroundings. The dynamic form of the glulam girder is supported by V-shaped, dissolved steel columns, which not only creates a high clearance profile, but also an appealing soffit for the footpath crossing here in the Donaupark.

Congratulations to the entire team.