De-carbonization in concrete construction: Infra-Lightweight Concrete

De-carbonization in the construction industry, especial for concrete structures, represents an important milestone on the road to sustainable construction. In the symposium – “The future of building with concrete” – it will therefore be discussed how sustainable and climate-friendly building with both cement and concrete is already possible today and what strategies there are for the future. Design experts will present the goals they are pursuing on the road to sustainable construction. Questions of economic efficiency, recycling and the availability of the required resources will also be addressed.

As part of the symposium, sbp Managing Director Boris Reyher will present Infra-Lightweight Concrete (ILC) and projects in which the high-performance concrete has already been used. ILC combines both structural and thermal performance in one monolithic material. It not only significantly simplifies maintenance, but also enables ILC components to be recycled.

Registration for the symposium is possible here.