EuroTrough Helped Cut Ramp-Up Time of China’s 100 MW Urat CSP

sbp sonne supplied the EuroTrough solar collector for the 100MW Urat CSP project in Inner Mongolia, the largest commercial parabolic trough project in China. The Urat project was developed and realized as part of the first round of the Chinese renewable energy demonstration plan and was constructed by China Shipbuilding New Power Co. (CSNP), with Royal Tech CSP performing as EPC, which selected sbp sonne to supply the solar collectors.

The 100 MW Urat CSP first connected to the grid in January of 2020, with three months of commissioning, and by December, met its full production target within just one year, according to CSNP. Typically, thermal plants require up to four years to ramp-up to 100% operating level.

At Urat, the solar collector field covers an area 2.6 km long and 1.7 km wide. It consists of 352 loops comprising 16,896 individual solar collector elements, each 12 m long and 5.8 m wide.

Royal Tech CSP received holistic engineering services from tender through commissioning. Design adaptions, complete specifications with approved QA descriptions and technical support including local engineering supervision are part of sbp sonne services. This complete package was a key to the success of the Urat project. The mature design and quality tracing of the solar field also facilitated an extremely smooth and fast commissioning phase, with the result that Urat reached its full power output of 100 MWe in record time. Thus, Urat achieved two noteworthy world records, as the largest EuroTrough project, with the shortest time to achieve 100% of projected output.