First Prize in the design competition for St. Luzi Bridge

schlaich bergermann partner is very pleased to announce its first prize in the competition for a new valley-crossing bridge over the river Plessur in Chur. The design “un solo arco”, developed in close cooperation with Conzett Bronzini Partner AG, Tuffli und Partner AG, D. Jüngling und A. Hagmann Architekten as well as Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten, emerged as the unanimous winner out of 41 submitted entries.

Our shallow steel arch spans the valley at a height of 140 m with a total span of 340 m and convinced the jury with its slender elegance, careful integration into the local landscape and its high standards of sustainability.


We dedicate the winning design to Jörg Schlaich, who passed away last week on September 4, 2021 at the age of 86. We feel deeply grateful to him and his work – as a renowned engineer and designer, he showed us how bridges can be beautiful, efficient and sustainable. The “un solo arco” is a tribute to his legacy.