Great anticipation for the opening of the National Athletics Center in Budapest

The opening of the National Athletics Center in Budapest, which will be the venue for the Athletics World Championships in August, is imminent  Even before the competitions take place in August, the Athletic Stadium will be officially inaugurated on June 17th with a family day. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore the newly created park and venue. Among other things, they can try out the brand-new track and feel like the athletes who will be competing for medals in the same place in just a few weeks.


With almost 400,000 spectators on-site and an estimated one billion TV viewers, the World Championships will undoubtedly be a spectacular sporting event. An intelligent after-use concept was also thought of right away: After the World Championships, more than half  of the grandstand with approximately 25,000 seats will be dismantled, creating a covered public space. This will allow sports fans to experience the competitive atmosphere up close, while the center becomes a training venue for professional athletes. In this way, the stadium will create long-term sustainable added value for the city and the surrounding neighborhoods.

The anticipation for the Athletics World Championships in Budapest is not only felt domestically but also abroad: 2,500 athletes from 203 countries have registered for the event. It promises to be one of the biggest sporting events of the year.


Architects: Napur architect Kft Budapest
Structural engineers: Buro Happold, Exon2000
Third party check: schlaich bergermann partner