Installation of the carbon hangers at the new Railroad Bridge Oder near Küstrin

Construction work for the new railroad bridge between Küstrin-Kietz on the German side and Kostrzyn in Poland had already started last year. Due to structural conditions, the former bridge had to be demolished.

Currently, the main span of the new network arch bridge with carbon hangers is being fabricated at the pre-assembly site besides the river and then pushed across the river at its destination. After the welding work on the two steel arches was completed and the superstructure was measured, the installation of the carbon hangers followed.

For this purpose, the stiffening girder was first pressed up before the inner hanger cables were installed, followed by the outer hanger sets. Due to the low weight of the hangers, the assembly could be completed within only four days by two teams of five workers using one cherry picker. Afterwards, the girder was lowered again, and the hangers were tensioned with the help of a hydraulic device.

The push in of the network arch bridge is scheduled for September.