Into the future with sbp se

The future can come – the transformation into “sbp se” has been completed. Over the past few months, sbp gmbh has undergone a change in its legal form and now operates as a European Company (Societas Europea, SE). With the change of legal form, we are making our company future-proof and laying the foundation for the next generations in our offices. After the first transformation of “sbp gmbh” into “sbp AG” in August, the final transformation from “sbp AG” into “sbp se” has now taken place with the entry in the commercial register.

The change to sbp se is also a reaction to the changing requirements of the markets and society, which we want to continue to meet reliably and in line with the times. In terms of content and structure, we remain firmly linked to our values and continue to build on them as we always have. At the same time, we are promoting our development and growth in the European and international markets as well as the formation of an open and international corporate culture.

In the new legal form, the Board and Executive Directors run the office. While the Board sets the framework and is staffed by the current partners Andreas Keil, Knut Göppert, Mike Schlaich, Sven Plieninger, Knut Stockhusen and Michael Stein, the Managing Directors manage the operational business of sbp se.

For sbp se, these are Sven Plieninger, Knut Stockhusen, Stefan Kammerer (Finance), Christoph Paech, Frank Schächner, Michael Werwigk, Andreas Schnubel and Boris Reyher (Berlin).

The strategic management of the global sbp office locations and the sbp subsidiaries is the responsibility of the respective Managing Directors. These are Michael Stein (USA), Miriam Sayeg (Latin America), Wei Chen (China), Michael Zimmermann (France), Enrique Goberna (Spain), Knut Stockhusen (Spain/International), Mike Schlaich (Checking Engineers), Jochen Gugeler (Checking Engineers), and Alf Oschatz (sbp sonne).

Directors also provide management and executive support at our sites. These include Lorenz Haspel (R&D), Philipp Wenger, Jannika Erichsen, Daniel Gebreiter, Mathias Widmayer, Ana Llinares, Sandra Niebling, Charlotte Schwefel, Sarah Arbes, Moritz Fischer, Jörg Kazmaier, David Sommer (China), Herminie Metzger (France), Thomas Schoknecht (Checking Engineers), and Fernando Sima (Berlin).

In addition, Associate Directors and Special Unit Leads promote the deepening and expansion of various subject areas. Robert Hellyer (USA), Andreas Pfadler (France), Dan Bergsagel (Sustainability), Christiane Sander (Lighting Design), Minya Xu (Business Development sbp sonne) and Sebastian Linden (Footbridges) take on these roles.

Together with more than 220 highly motivated and exceptional employees, we are ready for the growing challenges of a changing world and look forward to working together in the future.