#movethedate: sbp office locations achieve climate neutrality

Since the end of 2021, schlaich bergermann partner achieved climate neutrality for all of its office locations worldwide. This includes all categories of direct and indirect emissions (Scope 1,2 and 3 according to GHG Protocol). We want to actively contribute to climate protection, not only through our project work, but also as an office with sustainable operations.

Some news with special relevance on today’s Earth Overshoot Day – today marks the date when humanity consumed all natural resources that Earth can provide within a year. This year, it’s happening already one day earlier than in 2021. By taking action and through the commitment of each and every one of us, we can move that day back together.


Therefore, we are very happy to announce that our internal work processes are carbon neutral since 2021 and that we have been able to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions caused by our office operations by 60 percent compared to 2019. To achieve this, our sbp sustainability team first had to measure the greenhouse gases emitted by every sbp location from recent years. Based on these findings, they identifed and evaluated potential savings.

The result: in the everyday office life at sbp, most emissions are caused by air travel. In 2021, this figure was significantly reduced due to the pandemic-related travel restrictions, and we were able to save well over 500t CO2e as a result. However, we will continue to pursue this development vigorously post-Covid and have therefore set ourselves an ambitious goal of continuing to save around 40 percent of the greenhouse gases emitted through air travel (reference: 2019).

We additionally compensate unavoidable emissions by supporting various projects and partners. In 2021, this included Africa Greentec and positerra.

Our internal sustainability team, led by sbp director Jannika Erichsen, is committed to promoting carbon neutrality in both our projects and our office processes. For example, we are one of the first signatories to the German Sustainable Building Council’s (DGNB) “Sustainability” initiative, which was signed by structural engineering offices for the first time in May this year.