Light rail arch bridge about to be moved

The network arch bridge with carbon hangers that is currently under construction in Stuttgart is about to be moved across the highway A8 into its final position. Thanks to the great commitment of the construction company Adam Hörnig, the temporary supports for the bridge deck have already been dismantled since Easter. While preparations for the moving are underway, the self-supporting arch segment is currently standing completely free.


As planned, the main section of the bridge will be moved on a weekend in May during a full closure. Self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT) will lift the 1400 t arch segment and push it into its final position. The differences in level between the individual carriageways will be evened out in advance by gravel fillings. Temporarily, about 200 truckloads of gravel will be spread and compacted on the motorway – and removed again after the bridge has been successfully moved into place.

Once the main span of the bridge has reached its final position, the supporting structure with the inclined columns and side spans will be completed. By the end of this year, the network arch bridge with carbon hangers is scheduled for completion.

We are looking forward to sharing pictures of the moving process. Thanks to the whole team: SSB, Sweco, AHA, MCE.