Installation of helipad in Ulm

Two weeks ago, the cable ties for the helicopter landing pad at the BWK military hospital in Ulm, Germany, were lifted in. In order to be able to treat seriously injured patients faster, the new helipad is built on the top of the clinic.

The 32x35m landing platform (hochstrasser.architekten), which is at a height of almost 50 m, has been planned by schlaich bergermann partner as a steel structure with cable-supported girders.


For the installation of the cable ties, schlaich bergermann partner developed an auxiliary structure on two free-standing composite supports, so that the girders could be bolted in without any problems. The over 10 m high auxiliary structure is mounted on top of the existing building and temporarily stabilizes the supporting structure. During the lifting, the west wing of the hospital was evacuated for safety reasons. After the lifting of the cable ties, the cross girders and the diagonal bracings of the landing platform were installed.

The work is proceeding according to plan and we are confident that the first rescue helicopters will be able to touch down on the landing platform as early as spring 2021.