Parabolic trough development cooperation agreement signed in China

On Sept 13, 2018, Markus Balz, managing director of sbp sonne, and Yu Ke, managing director of Royal Tech, signed a joint R&D agreement in Changzhou, China, to foster cooperation on the future development of the concentrating solar power (CSP) parabolic trough collector in terms of large-aperture.

Both parties are envisaging a productive cooperation in view of the development of the next generation of large-aperture parabolic trough collectors. They jointly want to promote technology innovation in the field of CSP, while further integrating the global supply chain through a major contribution from the diversified Chinese industrial input. The common goal is to offer a cost-competitive and sound techno-economical technology, taking into account Chinese local boundary conditions. Furthermore, the collaboration aims to promote efficiency and LCOE reduction of parabolic trough power plants and facilitate the overall development of innovative CSP technologies in China.

The cooperation is intended to further deepen our roots in the Chinese CSP market by directly engaging with one of the major CSP players, and expand our strategic partnership after our previous involvement in the Urat 100 MW EuroTrough project in the Inner Mongolia, China.