Ferris wheel at Spreepark Berlin returns

The new Spreepark in Plänterwald is being transformed into a modern, environmentally friendly arts and culture park. In the course of this, the former Ferris wheel is also returning and will be erected as a landmark of the new recreation park, visible from afar. On behalf of Grün Berlin, schlaich bergermann partner together with realities:united are responsible for the design concept of the Ferris wheel and the new, adjacent water basin.

Large parts of the old Ferris wheel are being carefully refurbished and reused for the new building. In the future, the round gondolas will float above a new 3,000 m² water basin, which will also serve as a retention space for rainwater storage, for watering the green spaces and for cooling the microclimate at the site. For this purpose, sbp is developing a new, diagonally suspended supporting structure. The new construction of the water basin with terrace, steps and accessible shallow water zone creates an attractive recreational and adventure area directly at the Ferris wheel.

Completion of the redesigned Ferris wheel including water basin is scheduled for the end of 2024, and the ride is expected to go into operation in Easter 2025.