Floating observation deck at threatened chalk cliff

Construction works began last week at the Königsstuhl National Park Center on the Baltic Sea island of Rügen, where a new bridge is to replace an existing observation platform over Germany’s famous chalk cliff. The floating footbridge is designed by schlaich bergermann partner. Since 2011, our office has been commissioned with the design and currently oversees the execution of the project. 

As a special attraction in the Jasmund National Park, visitors can access the cliff through a viewing platform, which traverses the famous Königsgrab, a narrow land connection. However, the exposure to around 300,000 visitors and the geological erosion of the cliff of about 30 centimeters per year threaten the preservation and the longevity of this unique natural experience. A long-term solution with access to the spectacular viewpoint is therefore necessary.


The future access is designed as a cable-stayed bridge structure running in a loop with an elliptical layout and floating freely about the cliff. This way, it is intended to relieve the sensitive natural area and ensure a long-term experience at the Königsstuhl. The structure interferes only minimally within the National Park area and preserves the view of the famous white rock on the island of Rügen from both land and sea. 

We are excited about the start of construction now! Completion of the new footbridge is scheduled for June 2022.