Start of work on the Francs-Moisins crossing

Construction work has started on the Francs-Moisins Crossing in the Greater Paris area (Saint-Denise). The planned pedestrian and cycle bridge will provide a direct and barrier-free connection between the Francs-Moisins, Bel-Air and La Plaine Stade de France neighborhoods in Saint-Denis.


The special feature of the design is the integration of an existing bridge deck of the former swing bridge of Saint-Denis, which is scheduled for demolition. The deck is slightly adapted on site and extended with ramps and stairs and can thus be put to a new use. This pioneering approach makes the project exemplary for the sustainable reuse of an engineering structure on a large scale.

The bridge and its access ramps are built by Razel-Bec and Eiffage Métal and are the result of planning studies carried out by schlaich bergermann partner (construction management) together with Explorations Architecture and August (landscape architecture).

Work on the former swing bridge already started in January on the banks of the canal. The lifting of the bridge deck over the Canal Saint-Denis is planned for this summer, so that the entire bridge will be completed by the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.