Successful Competition entry for a bridge in Zurich

schlaich bergermann partner is pleased to announce its first prize in the competition for a pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the track field at Zurich main station. Together with Emch+Berger AG Bern, Itten+Brechbühl AG, Emch+Berger WSB AG and ghiggi paesaggi gmbh, our entry called “landscape bridge” unanimously convinced the jury.


The starting point for the competition was to create a better connection for bicycle and pedestrian traffic between the districts 4 and 5 in the city of Zurich. These two districts are spatially separated by the wide track field at the main station and are already connected by several bridges and underpasses.

Initially, a feasibility study was carried out for the bridge between 2016 and 2018 by the Civil Engineering Office together with the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). Due to the complex traffic situation and the existing conditions, a design competition was carried out in 2021 using a selective procedure.

Out of the five submissions, our project “Landscape Bridge”, on which we worked together with Emch+Berger AG Bern, Itten+Brechbühl AG, Emch+Berger WSB AG and ghiggi paesaggi gmbh, was now unanimously selected. The designed steel structure meanders with delicate columns and a maximally transparent superstructure, over the tracks, passing under an existing railroad bridge.

With a total length of 530 meters, the bridge guides pedestrians and cyclists in an elegant sweep from one district into the other. The planned densification in this district creates an additional significance for the emerging axis.

While the bridge is 6.5 meters wide at each approach, the superstructure widens to 8 meters in the central area. There, a green space separates the color differentiated paths for cyclists and pedestrians. The filigree railing provides free view of the city.

Once procedures on participation and requirements are successfully completed, a people’s vote is planned for 2027 so that construction can start in 2028. We are looking forward to working together with a special team on this exciting project.