Two Scholarships for the Summer Workshop 2022 at Domaine de Boisbuchet “Here Comes the Sun” 17 -23 July

Themed „Here comes the sun”, schlaich bergermann partner together with sbp sonne is leading one of the 2022 Summer Workshops at Domaine de Boisbuchet!

Immersed in the unpolluted environment of the French countryside, we will explore, develop, and realize different alternative energy harvesting principles. Together with the participants, we want to experiment and test the potential of sustainable energy sources.

In cooperation with Domaine de Boisbuchet, we are awarding two scholarships for this workshop!

Students and graduates in the fields of renewable energy, power engineering or other engineering sciences, as well as designers and architects who want to make a difference in sustainable energy production and experiment in a creative unique environment, can apply for the scholarships!

REPAIR RECHARGE RESET is this year’ s theme for the Summer Workshops at Boisbuchet – let’s use engineering and design to fix things and share the ride together!

Send us your CV accompanied by a single-page motivation letter to and tell us why we should grant you the scholarship! Application deadline is June 17, 2022.


The largest source of energy available to mankind is the sun – every year, the earth’s outer atmosphere absorbs energy from solar radiation equivalent to approximately ten thousand times of the world’s current primary energy consumption. With the development of suitable technologies, it can be possible to use this free energy supply economically on a large-scale! The symbiosis of creative engineering and innovative energy production will be a major key to a more sustainable future.

For any specific information or inquires about Boisbuchet, please email