Wildpark Stadium Karlsruhe: Installation of Y columns

Last week, the first Y columns were erected at the construction site of the new Wildpark stadium in Karlsruhe, Germany. The columns will form the football stadium’s striking facade, both supporting the roof structure and shaping the appearance of the venue.

In order to mutually stabilize each other during construction, the first precast elements of the Y columns designed by schlaich bergermann partner were installed individually and arranged in form of an A. Next will be the connection of the steel structure to the column heads.


The dead weight of the almost 17 m high concrete columns counteracts the tensile component and enables it to be compensated. This made it possible to choose a shallow foundation for the stadium structure.

The Wildpark stadium, which will seat 34,000 spectators, is currently being built by the construction company BAM Sports; the stadium was designed by the architects agn Niederberghaus & Partner.