The new road bridge “Bleichinselbrücke” in Heilbronn

With 88 m length and 24 m width the new road bridge “Bleichinselbrücke” spans across the river “Alt-Neckar” in Heilbronn connecting the city centre with the new residential area on the northern side of the island “Bleichinsel”.

The 5-span bridge is designed as a composite structure with a concrete deck made of precast concrete slabs and in situ concrete. The supporting structure of the deck consists of two welded steel hollow boxes as longitudinal girders and inclined V-shaped struts at each side, which merge at one point at the river banks. The supporting struts as well as the abutment walls are monolithically connected to the longitudinal girders. An integral bridge structure has been conceived, without bearings and construction joints.

The following report points out the architectural and structural design as well the construction and erection.


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