Infra-light concrete offers the architectural freedom for a new, simple and architecturally valuable building

Because the aesthetic appeal and architectural intentions of subtly planned fair-faced concrete facades are constantly being reduced to absurdity in practice behind layers of thermal insulation, the advantages of infralight concrete are increasingly being found among the alternatives for innovative design and rational consideration in engineering thinking and planning. As a symbiosis of load-bearing capacity, thermal insulation and aesthetics, infralight concrete makes it possible to realize monolithic wall structures whose robust, less complex but durable construction method reveals astonishing architectural potential to imaginative planners – but not only as an elitist country house building material, but also for the construction of multi-story buildings. Because of its striking properties, infralight concrete is thus a serious alternative to multi-layer wall systems – also and above all in terms of design, fire protection and recyclability. This, at least, is the conviction of those experts who are researching and developing infralight concrete. At the forefront of these researchers are the engineering scientists from the Chair of Design and Construction – Solid Construction at the Technical University of Berlin, who summarize what they have to share about their research topic.