Innovative Glazed Structures Design in America

An innovative steel and glass structure reaching above four stories in height is currently being constructed as part of a new 40-story office high-rise building at 11 Times Square in New York.The hybrid façade construction consists of 16.5 m long, standing fins made up of load-bearing glass with stainless steel chords, while the cross-bracing is achieved through the glass panes of the façade. An illuminated glass prism was also designed, serving as a beacon leading towards the entry-way of the lobby, which also extends beyond four stories in height and serves to bind together the exterior plaza with the interior lobby. Furthermore, the following projects from our office will be presented in short: – the Luminous Glass Shell of the Bank of America Charlotte – the glass staircase of the Four Seasons Center of Performing Arts in Toronto– the cable net facade of the 7 World Trade Center, as well as of the One World Trade Center and of the Time Warner Center in Manhattan.


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