New railway bridge over the Neckar river

Planning and construction of Neckar Bridge Bad Cannstatt II – challenges of the foundations

As of the beginning of 2016, as part of the Stuttgart 21 infrastructure project, the Deutsche Bahn is building a four-line railway bridge across the Neckar River in Stuttgart. The Neckar railway bridge has an overall length of 345 m and comprises of two abutments and six support axes. The structure crosses rail lines from the city rail network (Stadtbahn), the main trunk-road, the B 10, inner city roads, the Neckar River, pedestrian and cycle ways as well as diverse public and private utilities. The bridge structure is located within the core mineral water protection zone, with its strict restrictions regarding permissible depth of penetration into the subsoil and groundwater reservoirs. The mineral water springs lie within the construction site 26 m below the surface as artesian aquafers with an artesian pressure of circa 10 m above ground level. The report details the challenges of this project.


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