• Neckar Bridge Bad Cannstatt II
    © sbp/Andreas Schnubel

Neckar Bridge Bad Cannstatt

Stuttgart, Germany, 2021

The railway bridge over the river Neckar will be essential to connect the new railway main station of Stuttgart with the northern and eastern rail routes. The bridge is designed as a steel composite bridge, where the steel longitudinal structure is composed of three longitudinal beams along the median and on either side of the deck, in combination with “steel-sails” supporting the main bridge’s longitudinal beams. The reinforced concrete deck slab is in composite action with the regularly spaced steel cross-beams. The form of the sails has been optimized to reduce the plate thickness to a minimum. High performance steel shall be used for the highly stressed tension ties, which connect the sails with the masts. Another specifically designed detail ist the series of slender columns, of which nine take the horizontal braking forces of the trains.

  • Location

    Stuttgart, Germany

  • Architect

    schlaich bergermann partner

  • Client

    DB Projekt Stuttgart-Ulm GmbH

  • Our Scope of Work

    conceptual design, construction design

  • Length 345 m
  • Spans total 27.78 + 37.0 + 47.0 + 78.0 + 72.0 + 35.0 +23.0 + 25.26 m
  • Thickness of plates up to 250 mm
  • Spans main bridge 78 m + 72 m across Neckar river
  • Bridge deck width 24.20 m (4 railway tracks)
  • Neckar Bridge Bad Cannstatt II © sbp/Andreas Schnubel
  • Neckar Bridge Bad Cannstatt II © sbp/Andreas Schnubel

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