Stable cables

The challenge of juggling multiple projects is one that many structural engineers can relate to, particularly those who work in design offices where their expertise is likely to be called upon by other teams. But the next time you are cursing your workload or struggling to meet the latest deadlines, take a moment to reect on whether these seemingly discrete projects are really so far apart. Schlaich bergermann partner associate Lorenz Haspel recalls that it was under such circumstances that the idea of replacing steel hangers with carbon fibre hangers on a network arch railway bridge was first proposed. The bridge in question, in the German city of Stuttgart, has a main span of 80 m and will carry an extension of the city’s light rail system over the A8 highway towards the airport and city’s trade fair grounds. The main span was moved into place in May and is due for completion later this year by main contractor consortium ARGE (Bd&e issue 99).