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Zhuhai Hengqin Headquarters

The entire complex consists of several buildings, which will constitute the initial development of the new district situated across from Macao. The super high-rise building will stand amongst the podium, containing a high profile shopping mall, and several housing towers up to 100 meters high. Reaching 468 meters high with 106 floors, it will be the central heart of the new complex.
This new office and hotel tower will be the highest building in Zhuhai, becoming the city’s new landmark.
Challenges like typhoon winds, weak soil conditions and seismic design will lead to a modern, energy-efficient building using reliable structural systems based on state-of-the-art building technologies.

Zhuhai, China
gmp · Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner
CNADRI (China Northeast Architectural Design and Research Institut)
Zhuhai Hengqin Headquarters Investment Co., Ltd
Sven Plieninger

Technical Data

Super high-rise building T3:
Total height
468 m
Height of lobby
55 m
240,000 m²
Building T1:
160 m
Podium buildings:
Spans of skylights
25 m
Total GFA
450,000 m²


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