A new landmark for London

At their first official game on April 3rd, the Tottenham Hotspurs crowned their new football stadium in London with a home victory. For the state-of-the-art stadium, which adds another landmark to the city, schlaich bergermann partner designed an innovative spoke wheel roof. The new 62,000-capacity stadium, designed by Populous and realized together with BuroHappold engineering, was built on site of the old White Hart Lane.


The spoke wheel structure of the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium consists of two tension rings and one outer compression ring, which are connected by radial cables. The inner tension rings provide a stable support for the glass roof, which cantilevers up to 20 m. Inside the stadium, the atmosphere is impressive. The South Stand, which seats 17,500 home fans, is the largest single-tier stand in the UK. Already it is being compared to Dortmund’s “Yellow Wall”.

Besides sports events there are further architectural highlights to discover at the new stadium, such as the Sky Walk – a glass walkway 40 meters above the pitch. Close to the 4,5-meter-tall “Golden Cockerel” statue that is placed on top of the South Stand, visitors will be able to walk across the roof and enjoy a breath-taking view on the field below.