Groundbreaking ceremony for the DFB Academy

Marking the first official day of construction of the German Football Association’s (DFB) new home and academy, a symbolic groundbreaking ceremony took place in Frankfurt am Main last week. The new building, which will be hosting both offices as well as sports and training facilities in the future, was designed by architects kadawittfeldarchitektur in collaboration with structural engineers R&P Ruffert Ingenieure and schlaich bergermann partner.

During the project, schlaich bergermann partner was involved in the design of the roof structure, which will provide the new complex and the academy with a consistent look. Above the areas for administration premises and the academy, folded reinforced concrete ceilings will form the main supporting structure. The areas of the connecting “boulevard”, the football hall and the multifunctional hall will be covered with a steel structure. Here, transparent ETFE foil cushions, which are additionally supported by slim stainless-steel cables, will make up the roof.

While excavation works have begun at the construction site, we congratulate all those involved in the project and look forward to seeing further construction progress.


picture: © kadawittfeldarchitektur