New metro station opened in São Paulo

We are delighted about the opening of the Morumbi metro station in São Paulo, Brazil, for which we designed the roof as a light steel and glass structure.

Morumbi station is the tenth stop of the new, completely driverless metro line 4, which will connect the Luz region in the center of São Paulo with Vila Sônia in the southwest. Passengers reach the underground platform via escalators and staircases on a spacious distribution level. The station is located near several shopping facilities and will further be directly connected to a bus terminal, that is currently under construction.

The light weight roof is fundamentally defined by a regular and minimalistic arrangement of slender elements. The high proportion of glass provides a lot of light and creates a bright and pleasant atmosphere in the station. The steel glass structure of the roof derives from a very regular flat grid, with dimensions of 5,1 x 5,1 meters and a sub grid of 1,7 x 1,7 meters, attached to the primary structure by hinged connections.