From Paris to Nantes, Sully-sur-Loire, and Corsica

Our Paris office is currently working on three exciting and challenging bridge construction projects. These are an extension of an existing bridge, a reconstruction of a historic bridge and a pedestrian bridge as a promenade in Corsica.


In collaboration with Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes and the construction company GTM Ouest, we are working in Nantes on the extension of the Anne de Bretagne Bridge across the Loire River. A 40-meter-wide extension is being added to the existing road bridge in order to provide more amenity for pedestrians and cyclists on the one hand and to integrate a streetcar line on the other. The uniqueness of this project lies in the construction of the new bridge as a steel structure that directly connects to the existing bridge.


In Sully-sur-Loire, our team is working together with Explorations architecture and the construction companies Colas and Viry on the reconstruction of a footbridge over the moat of the historic 14th century castle. The castle on the banks of the Loire River is now used as a museum. This project integrates contemporary architecture into a historic and protected site. An important aspect is to ensure accessibility for people with limited mobility.


The third project is located in Corsica. There, in collaboration with the architects at Buzzo Spinelli, an 800-meter-long pedestrian bridge is taking shape along the La Catena Bay. The bridge design combines urban usage by creating a promenade, maritime usage with newly established docks for boats, and scenic usage by providing a new access point to the beach and the surrounding walking paths. These different uses are reflected in the different constructions of the bridge. At the harbor entrance, the bridge consists of a steel construction with a concrete deck, gradually transitioning into a metal walkway with wooden cladding as it extends further into the bay.