71 South Wacker “Suspended Light Veils”

Hanging from above the entry lobbies of 71 South Wacker (formerly the Hyatt Center), sculptural stainless-steel mesh “veils” designed by James Carpenter Design Associates with schlaich bergermann partner activate the space and provide a point of interest for passing pedestrians. Aluminum main loop plates and intermediate connection blocks comprise a planar frame system that supports the stainless-steel chain hanging metal mesh surface, lit by small LED lighting elements. Hangers are used to transfer the weight of the frame to the steel skylight above and control the vertical and lateral deflections in the final geometry of the metal mesh, ensuring that the veils hang as level as possible. The 27 feet high hanging mesh, supported by tension rods, is fluid and luminescent, and appears as a cloud of light.

Chicago, Illinois, USA
James Carpenter Design Associates, New York
Irvine Company Office Properties
Michael Stein

Technical Data

Hanging mesh
height 27 ft (approx. 8.20 m)
Main truss
diameter 10 ft (approx. 3 m),
width 3 in (approx. 7 cm)
Stainless steel chain elements
diameter 12 mm


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