Dublin Link Pedestrian Bridge – Independent Peer Review

© sbp/Michael Cox

The Dublin Link crosses the Scotio River in Downtown Dublin and is the longest span, single tower S-shaped suspension bridge in the world. Its steel superstructure passes through the “eye” of a cast-in-place concrete mast without any vertical support. The bridge is supported by an elaborate cable system including one tie-down cable, two main suspension cables, two restrainer cables and 38 hanger cables. schlaich bergermann partner was commissioned to provide an independent peer review, a constructability review, and erection engineering for the installation of the cable structure and erection sequencing.
Our work included a review of the construction documents and special specifications; independent construction analysis and proposal for a modified construction sequence; independent verification of cable and post-tensioning forces; pre-review of specifications to identify any complications; and verification of anchorage details during erection. sbp also served as Engineer of Record for the bridge erection sequence.

Columbus, Ohio, USA
T.Y. Lin (structural engineer)
Michael Stein

Technical Data

Total length
760 ft (230 m)
Suspension span
500 ft (150 m)
14 ft (4 m)
Mast height
169 ft (51 m)


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