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Parabolic Trough Power Plant Delingha

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The 50 MW solar thermal power plant Delingha is designed on the base of the EuroTrough design.
The collector field consists of 190 loops respectively 9,120 single trough collector elements (SCEs). One solar collector assembly (SCA) consists of 12 solar collector elements which are 12 m long each. The design was adapted to the local wind loads, 1% sloped ground, low temperatures and chinese standards.
The thermal storage allows an operation of the plant with nominal output for 9.5 hours after sunset.
schlaich bergermann partner provided the EuroTrough technology on a licensing basis and actively assisted fabrication and assembly.

CGN Delingha Solar Energy Co.
Markus Balz

Technical Data

Aperture width
6 m
SCEs per collector assembly
SCE length
12 m
Loop length
600 m
Aperture area
620,000 m²
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