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Parabolic Trough Power Plant Shagaya

Shagaya, Kuwait, 2018

The Shagaya Project is part of the "Innovative Renewable Energy" research program in Kuwait. The client for the construction of the parabolic trough solar power plant is the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research KISR. Like all power plants of this type, it has a solar thermal storage system that enables the provision of energy even at night, or on days without the sun.
The EPC-company TSK Flagsol has selected the EuroTrough collector, which has been used successfully in various countries for many years, for this power plant and acquired the licence for it from schlaich bergermann partner.
sbp sonne gmbh was also commissioned with the engineering control of this project.

  • Location

    Shagaya, Kuwait

  • Client

    KISR, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research

  • Contractor

    TSK, Parque Científico Tecnológico C/ Ada Byron 220 , 33203 Gijón - España (Spain)

  • Our Scope of Work

    ET-Technology-PackageBasic EngineeringAdaption EngineeringSite Service (Manufacturing, Assembly and Erection Support)

  • Power 50 MW
  • Collectortechnology EuroTrough
  • SCE length 12 m
  • Looplength 600 m
  • Aperture Area 673.620 m²
  • Thermal Storage 10 hours
  • Aperture 6m
  • SCEs per SCA 12
  • No. Loops 206
  • License provider sbp sonne gmbh

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