• Parabolic Trough Power Plant Urat
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Parabolic Trough Power Plant Urat

Urat, Inner Mongolia, 2020

The Urat parabolic trough power plant is a 100 MW solar thermal power plant based on the EuroTrough collector. The collector field consists of 352 loops or 16,896 individual solar collector elements (SCEs). A solar collector assembly (SCA) consists of 12 solar collector elements, each 12 m long. The design was adapted to the locally very high wind loads and Chinese standards. In this project, schlaich bergermann partner is responsible for the EuroTrough technology and engineering control during production and assembly of the collector field.

  • Location

    Urat, Inner Mongolia

  • Client

    China Shipbuilding New Power (CSNP)

  • Contractor

    Royal Tech CSP Limited

  • Our Scope of Work

    ET-Technology-PackageBasic EngineeringAdaption EngineeringSite Service (Manufacturing, Assembly and Erection Support)

  • Aperture width 6 m
  • SCE length 12 m
  • Total aperture area 1.150.000 m²
  • SCEs per Collector Assembly 12
  • loop length 600 m
  • Licensor sbp sonne gmbh
  • Parabolic Trough Power Plant Urat © schlaich bergermann partner

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