Elbbrücken local railway station receives Ingenieurpreis des deutschen Stahlbaus

After two years of waiting, the award ceremony for “Ingenieurpreis des deutschen Stahlbaus” finally took place last week. We are thrilled to announce that schlaich bergermann partner was awarded the Ingenieurpreis des deutschen Stahlbaus 2020 for the Elbbrücken local railway station in Hamburg, Germany at the 40th German Steel Construction Day in Berlin.


“The new gateway to Hamburg” conviced the jury “with its design quality, highlighting the efficiency of steel construction to the public in a prominent location”. In addition, the design of the “interior cladding” was recognized, for demonstrating “a pioneering approach to assembly, operation and maintenance.”

Furthermore, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London and the footbridge TRUMPF in Ditzingen, Germany were recognized.

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