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Footbridge TRUMPF

Ditzingen, Germany, 2018

The new footbridge over Gerlinger Strasse connects two production areas of the headquarters of TRUMPF in Ditzingen and enables employees to cross the busy regional road safely.
The bridge is a lightweight shell construction, which due to the high efficiency of the supporting structure is made of only 2cm thin, double curved stainless steel sheets. The shell edge is reinforced by upstands which twist towards the four base points to form triangular bearing points. Further bracing in the shell surface were completely omitted.
Pedestrians walk directly on the steel shell, which is coated on the walking area to prevent slipping. Holes corresponding to the flow of force were cut into the shell with TRUMPF laser machines. The size and density of the apertures depend on the degree of utilisation of the supporting structure. In the area of the walking surface, the lasered apertures are replaced by approximately 14,300 smaller holes filled with glass plugs.
The bridge was welded together on site from several individual parts and lifted into its final position by a heavy-duty crane. The lightness of the bridge is underlined by the very transparent and anti-reflective all-glass railings.
Barkow Leibinger (Berlin) supported us with architectural consultancy.

  • Location

    Ditzingen, Germany

  • Awards

    Ulrich Finsterwalder Ingenieurbaupreis 2019, Auszeichnung; materialPREIS 2019, Kategorie Material, 1. Auszeichnung; Deutscher Brückenbaupreis 2020, Kategorie Fuß- und RadwegbrückenWTC World Pedestrian Bridge Award of 2021: Silver Award

  • Client

    TRUMPF Immobilien GmbH + Co. KG

  • Contractor

    Prebeck GmbH

  • Our Scope of Work

    conceptual design, construction design, lighting design

  • Length approx. 28 m
  • Width of running area 2.20 m
  • Clearance 4.70 m
  • Span of the shell approx. 20 m lengthwise, 10 m crosswise
  • Railing height 1.10 m
    glass LSG from tempered glass 2x10 mm
  • Footbridge Trumpf © sbp
  • Footbridge Trumpf © wilfried-dechau.de

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