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The 120-year-old Getwingbrücke is part of the narrow-gauge railway line of the Gornergratbahn and is located in the immediate vicinity of the valley station in Zermatt. The old bridge was replaced by a new structure to allow it to be extended to two lanes.
The inner city bridge crosses a street and the river Vispa.
The result is a filigree and transparent structure that is characterized by functionality, durability and aesthetics. From a static point of view, the single span girder is a mixture of trusses and suspension and consists of two pyramid-like structures, which are designed as steel hollow boxes. Suspension is achieved in the support area by a two-part tie cable and in the middle area by a free, detached tie cable. Milled parts are used at the deflection points. A ballast trough with orthotropic roadway slab and lateral hollow boxes was installed to accommodate the rails. The new abutment benches were constructed in reinforced concrete and placed on the existing natural stone masonry. The bridge girder was manufactured on site and then lifted into its final position using mobile cranes. The differentiated bridge body blends subtly into its surroundings and offers a clear view of the Matterhorn.

Zermatt, Switzerland
mooser.lauber.stucky architekten SIA AG
SRP Ingenieur AG
Project Responsibility
Andreas Keil


Technical Data

25 m
4.4 m
Clear height
4.60 m




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