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As part of the new high-speed railway route VDE8 one of the first semi-integral reinforced concrete bridges will be constructed in Germany. Slender reinforced concrete pier walls carry the robust double-webbed pre-stressed concrete superstructure. This allows a minimal structural height of 2.40 m. The structure consists of a joint- and bearing-less eight-field beam, with a sliding connection located at the superstructure to the abutment. The structural system of a beam supported by inclined struts will be constructed as a double-hinged arch with a pronounced apex, thereby creating the fixed point for the track beam. The slender arch segments spread slightly where they meet with the inclined abutment, which is also able to take the horizontal forces, thus endowing the structure with an elegant, dynamic appearance. The result is a robust and redundant structure with a minimal need for inspection and maintenance.

Ebensfeld – Erfurt, new railway route, Germany
DB Netz AG
Project Responsibility
Andreas Keil


Technical Data

215 m
Arch span length
90 m
Regular side-span length
25 m
Depth of concrete desk
2.40 m
Superstructure deck width
14.10 m
Deck surface
3,035 m²
Clear height
max. 35 m
max. 300 km/h




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