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Railway Bridge Unstruttal

© Holger Althaus

The structure of the Unstruttal Bridge (the second longest railway bridge in Germany) consists of four lined-up, continuous, joint-less and bearing-less 10-span beams. Expansion joints are required at each end and the structural fixed point is located at mid-span, where the girders merge with the arch apex. The standard piers are constructed as wall piers, which effectively stiffen the deck girders in the transverse direction while providing sufficient flexibility in the bridge longitudinal direction for the absorption of temperature deformations. The piers are arranged on a 58 m grid. The truss-like reinforced concrete arches, arranged according to the center of the girders, are connected monolithically to the deck girders and span across two standard column spans with a span length of 108 m.

Erfurt-Leipzig/Halle, new railway route, Germany
DB Netz AG
Project Responsibility
Jörg Schlaich


Technical Data

2,668 m
174 m + 4 x 580 m + 174 m
Arch spans
4 x 108 m each
Regular span
58 m
Standard width
13.95 – 15.93 m
Superstructure height
5.69 m
Deck surface
37,500 m²
Height of bridge
max. 49 m




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