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Havel Bridge Berlin-Spandau

© Stephan Falk / Baubild Berlin

The expansion of the high-speed railroad line between Hannover and Berlin called for a crossing of the river Havel in Berlin-Spandau with seven tracks. The problem of several adjacent bridges crossing the Havel both staggered and skewed was solved by a design, while unconventional for railroad construction, highly advantageous from a technological and urban planning point of view. The design of the webs for the three-span steel trough bridge follows the flow of forces and results in a slender and elongated structure. Thus a theme results out of the skewed layout while avoiding the usual jungle of staggered steel members and the bridges sweep across the Havel in an elegant wave.

Berlin, Germany
gmp · Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner
Deutsche Bahn AG

Technical Data

121 m
25 m - 71 m - 25 m


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