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Highway Bridge Khor al Batah Oman


The suspension bridge crosses an estuary and connects two suburbs of Sur in Oman. It has been designed for pedestrian and light vehicle use. The concrete slab, 30 cm thick and made of prefabricated elements, is supported by steel cross girders at 3 m spacing. These girders are suspended by stainless steel cables from the two 115 mm diameter locked coil ropes. Additionally three stay cables on each side increase the bridge stiffness to avoid wind oscillations. The accurate allocation of the self-weight loads on the hanger and stay cables was the most exciting challenge during the erection of the superstructure.

Sur, Oman
Ministry of Regional Municipality and Water Resources (MRMWR)
Project Responsibility
Rudolf Bergermann


Technical Data

Total length
204 m
12 m - 12 m - 21 m - 138 m - 21 m
Superstructure width
10 m
Stainless steel - hanger cables
32 mm
Fully locked double cable
115 mm
11 m




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