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Pedestrian and cycle bridge Vinaròs

© Bridge Design: schlaich bergermann partner / Rendering: Supernova Visual

The new footbridge and cycle path in Vinaròs, Spain, is part of a large-scale project that includes the landscaping and redesign of a 9,150 m² green area on the left bank of the Cérvol coastal river, which is to be transformed into a Mediterranean forest. The footbridge runs parallel to the coast and connects the seafront promenade (Passeig de Fora del Forat) in the south with Carrer Boverals in the north.
In order to minimize the impact on the view of the beautiful coastal panorama, a particularly slender construction in the form of a stress ribbon bridge was chosen.
The prefabricated concrete slabs are anchored to the stress ribbons resting on the abutments. The abutments act as an access ramp to the footbridge and at the same time are the anchorages for the stress ribbons. Care has been taken in the design of the abutments so that, by raising the footbridge slightly above grade, the water levels of the river are not affected. The horizontal stresses of the stress ribbons are transmitted to the ground through tendons embedded in the concrete abutments, anchored by a micropile foundation.
The bridge design is characterized by its few used components and by its high degree of prefabrication making a decisive and positive contribution on construction times and the environment.

Vinaròs, Castellón, Spain
Burgos & Garrido Arquitectos, Madrid
Maria Ángeles Ceñal (Environmental Expert), Pedro Arévalo Rey (Hidraulic Engineering)
Ayuntamiento de Vinaròs
Project Responsibility
Knut Stockhusen


Technical Data

Total length
60 m
5 m
(3 m for bikes, 2 m for pedestrians)
Main span
50 m
Bridge deck area
385 m²




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