Speicherstadt Hamburg Chimneys Boiler House

© Klaus Frahm

Today, the heritage-protected steam power station, dated back to 1888, serves as the Info Center for Hamburg’s HafenCity. Two filigree steel grid towers are reminiscent of the chimneys that were destroyed in WW II, and thus re-establish the historic silhouette of the boiler house.
The towers comprise flat steel rod nettings, which are, ever 2m, connected to horizontal rings. The resulting triangular mesh of the towers provides a stable steel grid shell, which has been positioned on the existing brickwork of the tower stumps, anchored in the reinforced chimney shaft. After passing under a skylight in the plinth of the western chimney, visitors get to the large exhibition hall. The dome allows for daylight to shine through, and opens up the view onto the steel structure. Bright spotlights in the foundations and the towers create indirect lighting to set the scene at nighttime.

Hamburg, Germany
gmp · Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner
HHLA, Hamburger Hafen- und Lagerhaus Aktiengesellschaft
Project Responsibility
Sven Plieninger


Technical Data

Height of grid towers
20 m
Total height
42.5 m
Diameter of grid towers
2.5 m - 3.0 m
Dimensions of flat steel bars
35 x 70 mm
16 t




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