• Maracanã Train and Metro Station

Maracanã Train and Metro Station

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2014

Maracanã Multimodal Station, part of the renewal plan for Maracanä Stadium surroundings, was designed to integrate metro and railway systems.
The new station, clearly defined by the connection of footbridges, mezzanine and train platforms, is covered by a generous tree-like steel structure with branched columns. The light roof with PTFE membrane cladding grants translucency to the building through a harmonic transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. Linear roofs made out of steel columns and membrane cladding were extended along the train platforms.

  • Location

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Architect

    RAF Arquitetura

  • Client

    Governo do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Secretaria de Transportes

  • Contractor

    Construtora Norberto Odebrecht, Rio de Janeiro

  • Our Scope of Work

    development of executive project of roof steel structures with membrane cladding

  • Length x width 121 m x 8m (each roof)
  • Span of tree columns 12.5 m
  • Roof total area 2,904 sqm

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